Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Swimming Sports

When we got to the lido we had to split up into our houses, I'm in Kiwi.
Then we first did widths.
I'm sorry I forgot to tell you I'm doing lengths.
 Then we started. It started from year 6 girls to the year 3 and 4 boys.
Then we did lengths. The year 6 girls to my group.
I was excited about freestyle. Then we started. I  came first!
Then we did backstroke. I came 4th.
Then we did breath stroke. I came 1st.
I felt my spin chilling all the way through swimming sports but I feel proud now. 
I got changed as fast as I can.
Then we got ready outside to got to the esplanade.
We had to walk. It felt like walking up Mount Everest.
Then we got there an had some lunch.
Then we went to play.
I went on the flying fox.
When I went down my tummy felt funny.
After that I played hide in go seek.
I ran to the fort then I hid by the ladder.
then Nelson came to it, he walked up, I ran to the pole, I got down.
Then we stopped playing. Then Troy played the come in sirin.
Then we hopped in the bus and went back to school. My goal for next year is to parctise backstroke

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