Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Flat Pack

  1. To prepare ourselves for the market day next term, we are learning how to use the design. 
    We want to decorative models that can be put on top of the shelves by the window.
    We had a go at following instructions to make a flat pack Christmas Tree. We used this concept to help us to create our own flat pack using the design process.
    As part of the design process we created prototypes and reflected on what worked and what didn't.

    When something doesn't work, we don't get upset. We think "Great I have found out how not to do it. I think I will try .... this time."

    Thomas Edison is our inspiration. He tried 10,000 ways of making a light bulb before it actually worked. "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."
    The Design Brief.
What am I making? 
Collect pictures, drawings and thoughts that you could try. 
Techniques to try. Don’t be scared to think big!
The ideas I like best are:    
I pick #              Because
 Yellow Hat.
 Black hat 
2. Get organised
What materials do I need?
What are the parts I need?
What steps will I need to make it?
What equipment will I need?    Eg. paint?  Tape? Tools? Paper? Things from home?
3. Prototype - my first try.
Check my blog for my photos of what I have tried
I chose to use                                
The parts.
The best idea I had was
Re- Design.....
What I had to change / will try differently is
3a.  Redesign
My ideas that I could try to make my prototype better.
4. Final Product
See my blog to see my final product
My final product meets the brief because
The things I still want to change / improve are
The things I did / learned that helped me were

5. The Design Process - Evaluation
Yellow hat
Black hat
Green hat

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