Monday, July 25, 2016

In the holidays

In my holidays lots of things happened. In Wellington there was such awesome things. There was Weta Workshop, Te Papa, Big thumb and one of the most exciting things was riding the electric train from Wellington to Waikanae. Now I'm going to tell you what happened at Weta workshop. So when we got to Weta workshop, we went to take some photos by the statues outside. In Weta cave there was lots of cool things. I can't believe that I got to hold the sting aka Bilbos sword. At 12AM the tour started. At the start it showed us a short film what to do inside the workshop. When we walked through the door we saw how they made the guns and weapons. Did you know that Weta workshop makes costumes for little kids shows. There was lots of cool stuff. At the big thumb I got to eat custard buns and fried squid tentacles. They both were really nice. Then my dad drove with my family to Te Papa. The first thing in Te Papa that we did was looking at the ANZAC thingy muggigy. After that we went to the train station to hop on the train from Wellington to Waikane. We said goodbye to mum and we took of on the train. I got so excited. I said " dad how many stops are there" dad said " 8 stops ". I started to record. After I recorded some videos, I started to look outside. After all the stops we hopped of the train and went to look for mum. When we found mum we hopped in the car and went back home.

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